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30 min. 1 pers. Easy

A recipe for cold days to stay warm with green vegetables.


At Oliviers&Co

2 cases. daily olive oil

1 tsp black truffle oil

1 tsp truffle salt

Salt & herb mix for pasta and salads

At the market

4 shallots

1 broccoli

710ml vegetable stock


Pour 2 tbsp. olive oil in a saucepan.

Cut 4 shallots into small pieces and fry them for 15 minutes.

Add the broccoli cut into pieces. Add a pinch of the salt & herbs mixture.

Add the vegetable stock then simmer for 15 minutes over medium heat.

Mix everything with a hand blender so that the mixture is homogeneous.

Finish with truffle oil and truffle salt.

Oliviers & Co
Genève & Lausanne

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