Oliviers & Co,
exceptional Mediterranean Mediterranean artisanal products

Our products are a gustatory experience, to be cooked and shared in a daily cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean diet.

La passion de l’olive (image)

A passion for olives

Since the beginnings of our house, the ancestral olive tree has been our pride and joy. Every year, we draw the most precious olive oils. Sourced from exceptional Mediterranean orchards and encapsulated in Haute-Provence, our oils in each vintage reveal an unprecedented aspect of this legendary fruit. And each bottle bears witness to the fiery passion of olive artisans.

The pleasure of discovery

One-of-a-kind products, exclusive recipes, innovative combinations to renew yourself every day, with the collaboration of top French gourmet chefs and passionate producers.

Le goût de la découverte (image)
La traçabilité du verger à la bouteille (image)

Traceability from orchard to bottle

We know all our growers and know from which plot of land the olives making up our extra virgin olive oils were picked.

A demand for quality

Thanks to a drastic selection process, in order to meet very precise organoleptic and technical quality specifications.

Une exigence de qualité (image)
Fidélité et accompagnement des producteurs (image)

Fidelity and support for producers

Consistency (we've been working with some producers since Oliviers & Co's inception) and support to help them reach the high standards required to join our selection.

Come and discover our products in store

Come to our boutiques to taste our olive oils and discuss Mediterranean gastronomy.

December 2023:
New olive oil has arrived:
The fresh and powerful Affiorato with notes of fresh herbs.
A delight!
Come and taste it in store in Geneva & Lausanne!

 How to find us

Venez découvrir nos produits en boutique (image)

Visit us at the Geneva and Lausanne boutique

The entire Oliviers & Co. team will be delighted to welcome you to

boutique to help you discover our specialties.

Place du Bourg de four, 8

1204 Genève

Place de la Palud, 13

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